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SEBO K1PRO Vacuum Cleaner

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  • Sebo K1 Pro

Brand: Sebo
Product Code: K1PRO
  • Deluxe Kombi Floor Head
  • Floor Turbo Brush
  • Telescopic Tube
  • Triple Microfilter System
  • Filterbag Change Indicator
  • Electronic Power Control
  • 5 year parts and labour domestic use guarantee

Built to last, the SEBO K1PRO vacuum cleaner is a reliable household appliance to help you make light work of cleaning your floor. Some people find vacuuming a tedious chore, which is why SEBO have gone out of their way to make the job effortless for you.


A very versatile vacuum

With its powerful motor and efficient airflow, this model is suitable for all floor surfaces, including stairs and hard flooring. It also comes with a turbo brush to help clean up those annoying pet hairs. It's no wonder the SEBO K1PRO has been approved by the British Allergy Foundation.


To make it easier for you to use, this vacuum cleaner is lightweight and designed for fantastic manoeuvrability. It features a telescopic tube that extends to 2.10m for those areas you can't quite reach. It also has comfortable handle grips.

It comes with additional tools, such as a horse hair parquet brush, a crevice tool and an upholstery brush. The SEBO K1PRO really is a versatile appliance for when you need to clean all over the house. This vacuum has an easy to remove bag to take the effort out of emptying the appliance.


About SEBO

SEBO are an established German company whose name translates to "Semi-Commercial Floor Care". They have been in operation since 1977 and are experts when it comes to vacuum cleaners for home use.

Today they are a household name and are one of the largest manufacturers of vacuum cleaners in the world. They also have a presence in over 20 different countries.

When it comes to choosing a new vacuum cleaner, you need something that's versatile and reliable. That's why we're proud to offer the K1PRO from SEBO. With its lightweight build and outstanding performance, it's one household appliance you can't do without.

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Cleaner Type Cylinder Cleaner
Cleaner Bag/Bagless Bagged
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