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What is Ecobubble?

What is Ecobubble?

With Ecobubble™ technology a bubble generator mixes air with the water and detergent to form bubbles. The detergent is so thoroughly dissolved that the bubbles penetrate the clothes rapidly, getting detergent right to the fibres, up to 40 times faster than a high concentration liquid.

Diagram of how Ecobubble works

Save Energy

Because the bubbles penetrate the fabric so quickly, wash temperatures can be reduced without compromising on cleaning results. The Super Eco Wash programme operates at just 15℃ and uses only 30% of the energy of a normal 40℃ wash cycle with better wash results.

Fabric Care

Eco Bubble Technology also delivers advanced fabric care, with gentle washing protecting the most delicate of items. As less mechanical action is required there is less wear and tear on clothes. Plus, the innovative Diamond Drum with smaller holes prevents snagging of fabrics while the diamond shapes cushion clothes so they last longer.

Peaceful operation

All Ecobubble™ washing machines are incredibly quiet operating at just 62dB during washing cycles. But Ecobubble™ VRT™ washing machines employ Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT™) with special sensors to keep the drum perfectly balanced, even at high speeds, meaning that they operate at just 52dB.

LCD Colour Display

The smart easy-to-view LCD Colour Display shows the energy and water consumption of each programme allowing you to make the most informed decision. (Only on WF1124XAC)

Anti-limescale Heater

Samsung's double ceramic coated heater protects itself from the build-up of water scale deposit, which makes the heater last up to ten years.